My stay in London


Many years ago I went on school trip in London.

We stayed in an English style hotel, called Kensington, with wooden stairs and stained glass windows. It was located on the corner of Hyde Park.

I preferred to go by bus more than in the subway, because I could see everything through the window. The bus always passed by Albert Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall. I liked double-decker buses. People looked at us because we spoke very loudly. We were young ...

I remember the huge British Museum, the Wax Museum, Piccadilly Square, Houses of Parliament.

I took some photos, one in front of the Albert Memorial, in front of Hyde Park.

I bought my mother coasters and special tea in a very original piece of porcelain box.

My roommate got sick.

I expected rainy weather, but we had four days of blue sky.

I like to go back and I will always remember the Royal Palace, the Tower of London, the Changing of the Guard, Parliament, ... I´d like to use my basic English ...

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