Holidays in Malta

Last summer -in July- my wife and I decided to go to Malta on holiday.

The Maltese Islands are located in the very heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just 90 Km south of Sicily.

The islands consist of Malta, Gozo and Comino and have population of 400,000 with over 300 days of sun per year. Between Malta and Gozo lies the tiny island of Comino a perfect retreat. Comino is a relaxed, carefree paradise. Malta has served as an important port throughout history.

In 1964, the islands gained independence from Great Britain.

The most significant influence that the British left behind is the English Language.

The people are really friendly. The food is not expensive. The weather is (very good) sunny. There are many different monuments and sightseeing.

We stayed in Mellieha north of Malta in a nice hotel near a beautiful beach. We met new friends -two couples- from Bilbao and Aranjuez. 

I took a lot of photos and my wife bought some gifts.

We enjoyed and relaxed eight days …

Real-english - ELS - Song

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